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Drunk Driving Accidents

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accidents have decreased in recent years because of the strict DUI laws in place since the late '80's and early '90's. Prior to that, hundreds of people a year lost their lives to drunk driving. Groups like M.A.D.D., Mothers against Drunk Driving, were the driving force in changing laws that would not allow people to step out of bars and drive down the streets.

Now, you will see in the local Police Blotters in the papers just how many people get arrested for driving drunk. Many are repeat offenders who, even without a license, will still attempt to drive drunk. It's not until they are put away in prison for hurting or killing someone that they finally get the message and maybe get sober. In the meantime, an auto injury lawyer has to be hired for the victims of the drunk driver.

The severity of the drunk driving tragedies often dictates what kind of legal action will be taken. Even though drunk driving doesn't fall under distracted driving, which is often a much more serious and dangerous cause of accidents, the injured and deceased still need an auto injury lawyer to sort out the facts in the case and try to keep the emotion out of the courts (which the courts don't pay attention to anyway). In the cases where the injured or deceased were passengers in a car with the drunk driver, the court has to sort out how much fault lies with the victims for choosing to get into a vehicle with a drunk driver and how much fault lies with the driver who also should have known better. The laws get more complicated as the case gets more complicated. Having auto injury lawyers involved helps because no layman can navigate these diverse and complicated DUI laws alone and expect to come out ahead.

The very small percentages of DUI accidents that occur each year now have an even smaller percentage of injuries and fatalities, which is very good. However, they still happen. When they do, the victims need to go and see an auto injury lawyer right away. A case can't be built on fading or faded evidence, and any evidence gathered at the scene of a drunk driving accident holds more validity than evidence presented several weeks afterwards. (If you wait to sue, it negatively impacts your case because it looks like you weren't concerned enough when the accident happened to take any action then.)

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