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Resource: Indianapolis Car Injury Attorney

Even the safest drivers have no control about how other people drive.  That's why auto accidents happen on a daily basis in and around Indianapolis.  If you end  up getting hurt in an auto accident that's the fault of a careless driver, it's you and not that person's insurer who should be in control of the claim.  Your control  of the claim  starts with hiring an auto injury lawyer in Indianapolis who is going to protect your right to full and fair compensation while taking the emotional and financial burdens of a serious injury off of your shoulders.

Insurance companies don't make money by charging premiums and then 100 percent on claims.  Even when they admit that their insured was 100 percent at fault for a crash, they do whatever they can do to avoid paying 100 percent on on the claim   It's unequivocal that people who have been injured in auto accidents receive larger financial recoveries when they're represented by an attorney as opposed to when they relinquish control of the case and put the opposing insurer in charge.

An experienced Indianapolis auto injury lawyer isn't going to let that happen.  If you've tried representing yourself on an injury claim for the last six months and then realized you've been spinning your tires in the mud, you've probably done even worse than that, particularly if you've given the opposing insurer a written or recorded statement without an auto injury lawyer in Indianapolis being present.  Questions were asked that would never be permitted in court, but by answering those questions, you gave up some very important rights.  Your answers to those questions will only be used against you in the future to try to shift a percentage of the blame for the accident over onto you.  Sorry, but Miranda warnings don't apply in civil cases, and it's highly likely that a judge is  going to allow an insurance defense attorney to shred you with your statement from two years ago that isn't consistent with your trial testimony.

Unless they're a personal injury attorney or an insurance adjuster, people really have no idea of how to properly handle a personal injury claim or lawsuit.  They need the help of an experienced auto injury lawyer in Indianapolis.  Don't give a statement. Contact  us for a free consultation and case evaluation right away  after any accident.  We'll control your case for you.

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