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Specialist: Portland Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can lead to an incredible amount of stress, complications, and financial issues when not handled properly. While you might have made it out of the accident with what you think is a few injuries, there can be many residual problems you might not be aware of. This is where an Auto injury lawyer in Portland, Oregon can help.

According to a 2015 traffic safety report by the Portland Bureau of Transportation, 2015 saw an overall increase in traffic related injuries and fatalities on its streets. Speeding, drunk driving, low light conditions, and lane changing were all major factors in accidents. Even if you are following all of the rules of the road, you have the possibility of getting into an accident due to someone else not driving probably, causing you injury. This means it is important to contact a Portland auto injury lawyer immediately.

The report also says that there are three reasons that there is an increase in traffic accidents in the city. First, the city is growing rapidly, meaning people from all over the country are bringing their driving habits with them. Some of them come from areas that might not have as many pedestrians or bicycles on the road. Others might be used to more high speed roads, or back woods roads.

They also feel that the growing economy is a contributing factor. More money means more people owning cars, which means more traffic on the roads.

Finally, there are more driving distraction than ever before. Smart phones causing drivers to become distracted and swerving into other lanes. All of these things add up to make the roadways a much more dangerous place.

The reason why it is important to seek an auto injury lawyer is pretty simple. They have much more experience dealing with major accidents than you. Statistically speaking, you have probably never had to navigate the insurance and court system to deal with a traffic accident. Luckily, an experienced attorney can guide you through the process and let you open up many more possibilities when dealing with insurance companies and the legal system. They can help get you the help you deserve.

So if you have been in a car accident, do not hesitate. Contact an auto injury attorney immediately and get the help you deserve.

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