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Top Rated: Local Auto Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

It seems cut and dry. You were in an auto accident and the other party received a ticket from the police officer putting them at fault. You have a sore knee and crumpled bumper from the impact, but you are walking it off. You don't need to call anybody but your insurance company. You think about hiring an attorney, but decide it isn't worth the hassle. However, an car injury attorney in Cleveland would be able to assist you in receiving all the compensation you rightfully deserve, without the inconvenience of chasing insurance companies or the at-fault driver.

Covered Medical Expenses

Both insurance companies involved in your accident want to do one thing: save money. They will have you sign a waiver as soon as you leave the doctor's office holding an ice bag that your knee is fine and will require no further payout on their behalf. Two weeks later, you undergo surgery for a torn ligament. An attorney specializing in auto injuries will follow up with you, as their client, and ensure your body is completely well before closing the file. If additional costs are incurred for physical therapy, time off of work or meeting household bills, your lawyer will fight for you.

Uninsured / Under insured Drivers

Perhaps the at-fault driver has no insurance or purchased a policy that doesn't cover all of your expenses. You could be left chasing the responsible party for compensation or spending an inordinate amount of time on the phone waiting for their understaffed company to respond to your demands. Meanwhile your bank account is being emptied by medical bills. It wasn't your fault that any of this happened, but somehow you are the one who is paying for it out of pocket, on your personal time and losing patience. An auto injury lawyer will remove the stress of the paper chase from you, ensuring your peace of mind.

Get Fully Compensated

According to research, those who hire a lawyer to represent them in auto accidents with an injury, receive three and a half times the payout for medical expenses compared to those who simply accept the insurance offering.

When you hire an auto injury lawyer in Cleveland, OH, you will be in a better position to ensure you are fully compensated for all your bills, time, and pain by the at-fault party,

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