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Were You Injured by a Drunk Driver

Adults got intoxicated and then drove their car on an average of 112 million times last year. That adds up to almost 300,000 incidents of someone drinking and driving on a daily basis. Only 1.41 million drivers were caught and arrested for drunk driving. That leaves a lot of people out there driving around intoxicated.

Unfortunately, many of the people that were arrested for DUI got caught because they caused an accident. Almost every 90 seconds there is a person injured due to a drunk driver. Last year alone, 9,878 people died in crashes that involved alcohol. That is one accident every 53 minutes. This is why it is necessary to have drunk driver accident lawyer. People that are out there being injured because of some ones lack of common sense when it comes to drinking and driving need protection.

If you are injured in an accident that involves a drunk driver you need to contact an attorney immediately. You need to be sure your rights are protected and the other parties insurance doesn't try to influence you in any way. It is the insurance agents job to try And get you to commit to getting as little as possible. They are not interested in your rights.. A drunk driver accident lawyer has spent many years going to school and training to specialize in this type of case. They know the laws in your state and understand the best way to get you a fair settlement.

Being drunk and then causing an accident is beyond just being negligent. Accident can sometimes happen and no one is really at fault. But a drunk driver is always at fault no matter what the circumstances. Once they made the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol they made the decision to take the blame for any harm they cause. There is no excusing the action of drunk driving. So if you are injured by a drunk driver, you deserve to have the proper representation from a drunk driver accident lawyer to get your life back in order.

In general, a drunk driver accident lawyer will get your car repaired and have a rental car for you while it is in the shop. Send you to top rated doctors that specialize in the injuries you received. You medical care won't come out of your pocket. Once you have been healed and your property damage is back in order, they will make sure you are properly compensated.