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What are the types of damages that can be recovered in an auto accident claim

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What are the types of damages that can be recovered in an auto accident claim

There are three typical types and one atypical type of damages that can be recovered in an auto accident claim with an auto accident lawyer's help.

Vehicular: Your car is your lifeline to work, errands, emergencies, and appointments. In this modern day, we are dependent upon our cars for everything, and when the car is damaged in an accident, we have next to no way to get anywhere we need and want to go. Auto insurance agencies will pay a small amount to get the car fixed, but body damage usually isn't covered unless you are required to carry additional coverage on a leased vehicle. Even then, everything that is wrong with the vehicle might not be covered and your deductible has to be used up first before your insurance even kicks in. An auto accident lawyer can verify if the accident was more the other driver's fault and then get you what you need to cover transportation costs and car repairs in the meantime.

Medical: Whiplash hurts enough as it is, but other injuries that significantly impact your daily life and your quality of life need much more than the small amount most auto insurance companies are willing to pay out. If you have passengers in your car that were injured too they usually get even less coverage because insurance companies expect that the driver will sustain the most injuries to the chest and torso in an accident. They're not counting on some freak occurrence of a jettisoned passenger, but an auto accident lawyer will make that a much fairer settlement for the strange events in out of the ordinary accidents.

Lost Wages/Employment: It's not fair, but employers don't pay you for not showing up, even when an accident has put you in a hospital bed. You can use up any and all of your sick and vacation pay, but that's hardly fair either. In the most unfair of all cases, you may be fired from your job and only an auto accident lawyer can make that remotely okay.

Dismemberment/Death: It does happen, but not as frequently as the above three. It's a very sad state of affairs, and very difficult to deal with, especially if the survivors of a deceased loved one is the ones suing for damages. In this type of case, an auto accident attorney is definitely needed in order to recover damages, because the damages impacted more than the deceased or the dismembered.