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What Can I Expect When I Call For My Free Consultation and Case Evaluation

If you have been involved in a car accident, you should try and find a qualified auto injury attorney to represent you. Most attorneys offer a free consultation and case evaluation to determine if they will be able to help you with your case. When meeting with your auto injury attorney, there are a few things you can expect to happen during the meeting.

An attorney will ask you several questions concerning your case. They will want to know all of the details you have to offer and may also ask for copies of the police report, insurance claims and copies of all medical bills that were incurred because of the accident. In order for them to know if they will be able to help, you must answer all of their questions as completely and honestly as possible. If anything is left out, the lack of information could cost you your case in the long run. During a free consultation, make sure the attorney answers all of your questions. Let them know your expectations and discuss what you hope the outcome of the case will be.

A qualified auto injury attorney will advise you of your rights. They will also discuss any responsibility you may bear due to the nature of the accident. If you were at fault, they will be able to tell you how best to proceed. If you were injured in the course of the accident, an auto injury attorney who has experience with these types of cases will be able to tell you just how much you may be entitled to. A good attorney will want to know as much as possible about how the accident has affected you and your family. They will also want to know what you believe your estimated future losses might be.

A good attorney will make every attempt to communicate with you and make sure you understand all of the ramifications of your case. Scheduling a free consultation and case evaluation will give you a good idea as to how effective an attorney will be when they are representing you. If the attorney keeps his focus on you during the consultation and tries his best to reassure you, there is an excellent chance he is worth his retainer and any subsequent fees you may have to pay to keep him working on your case.