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When Should You Call Your Auto Injury Lawyer in Denver

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When Should You Call Your Auto Injury Lawyer in Denver

When should you call an auto injury lawyer in Denver and when should you deal with your insurance company instead? Not every car accident needs to involve an attorney, but when an attorney does need to be involved, it's usually in your best interest to involve them early on.

If You or Others Have Experienced an Injury

An auto injury attorney isn't just necessary if you experienced an injury. Even if you were not at fault for an accident, you should still involve a Denver car injury lawyer if someone else was injured in the accident. This includes the other driver, their passengers, and your passengers. Any time there's been an injury during an accident, there's the potential that there could be liability issues later on. Medical costs can be quite significant.

If You (or the Other Party) Have No Insurance

If you've been struck by an individual with no car insurance, you might still be compensated through your own policy. But that doesn't mean that there may not be problems. Your compensation could exceed your own non-insured driver policy. If you don't have insurance yourself, you could also face some liability in the event that the other individual wasn't insured against uninsured drivers. Either way, either you or the other driver not having insurance can complicate issues.

If Your Accident Was Complicated

If there's any question as to whether you or the other driver was at fault, a lawyer is important. When it comes to medical injuries, the individual who is responsible for the accident can be facing a lot of potential liability. Even if you very firmly believe that you were not at fault, the case may not be that simple. Further, if you were at fault, you still need to protect yourself from unusually high damages. Your attorney will be able to help you ensure that you only need to pay for what is fair and equitable, rather than potentially  having to pay for all of the damages requested.

Though an auto injury attorney in Denver should always be called as early as possible, it's never too late to involve one. Auto injury attorneys can also give you information regarding whether you have a case about an old accident and whether the statute of limitations has expired. Though you may have an insurance company, the insurance company is not necessarily on your side -- their goal is simply to minimize their own costs.

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