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Why Is an Auto Injury Attorney Important

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Why Is an Auto Injury Attorney Important

Insurance companies try to get people to settle for the smallest amount possible, and injured people fail to consider the financial consequences of their injuries. You might have ongoing medical bills, lose time from work or be unable to perform your duties, which include those of a personal or sexual nature. An auto injury attorney knows how to assess your injuries to determine a fair settlement.

Getting the Facts While Memories Are Fresh

Even if you are unsure about whose fault an accident was, you need to see an attorney to protect your rights. An experienced auto injury attorney can help to determine whether the other driver failed to follow safe driving habits, had mechanical vehicle problems or could have avoided the accident by paying attention to his or her driving. Many drivers have accidents because they use their cell phones to talk or text without using hands-free technology. Even hands-free phone calls could divert attention at critical moments and cause accidents. Your attorney can help to investigate the circumstances while memories are fresh and witnesses can be located.

Insurance Companies Make Money by Undercompensating Victims

Insurance companies make their money by reducing their risks, spreading liabilities among people who never make claims, undercompensating victims and denying claims on technicalities when possible. These huge financial companies employ teams of high-priced lawyers to protect their interests, so you need someone on your side. Estimating damages and therapeutic costs takes an experienced injury professional to come up with an accurate calculation. For example, people seldom consider the following consequences of injuries:

Head injuries or concussions often remain undetected because the brain has no pain receptors. Your brain could be bruised or bleeding, which might cause neurological problems, loss of memory or severe incapacitation.

Traumatic brain injuries can affect your emotions, understanding and critical thinking, and you could make rash settlement decisions based on the prospect of getting your car fixed and paying your immediate medical bills.

Shoulder injuries often occur from seat-belt pressure, but people don't notice shoulder pain until later.

Spine injuries often remain undiagnosed after auto accidents.

Many injuries don't show up immediately, and when they do, victims have already settled with their insurance companies.

Ongoing therapy can result in high medical bills, reduced work capacity, loss of consortium and other problems.

Psychological problems might require therapy because many accident victims become depressed, afraid to drive or suffer from panic attacks after being involved in an accident.

Insurance companies seldom consider these possibilities when offering quick settlements. An auto injury attorney can help you get expert medical assessments of your injuries and thorough diagnoses involving chiropractic examinations, MRIs and psychological counseling if needed.

Protect Your Rights After an Accident

If you or a loved one is involved in an automobile accident that was clearly the other driver's fault, you should contact an auto injury attorney immediately. Even if you are unsure who was at fault, contacting a lawyer can protect your interests and determine the guilty driver. Personal injury laws vary in each state, and insurance policy regulations can prove complex. Unless you are a legal student or medical professional, you will be unable to figure how much money you need to cover your expenses or what compensation you deserve.

An Auto Injury Attorney Can Help