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Will a Car Accident Attorney be Expensive

Sometimes you see it coming and sometimes it just hits you by surprise. At the moment of impact, when another vehicle hits your car and you realize you have just been in an accident, many thoughts will go through your head. First you will be stunned, then you will assess your physical condition, and finally, you will get out of your car and check the damage. The police will probably arrive shortly thereafter, do an investigation and issue a citation to the at fault driver. After you leave the scene and head back home, you will have more time to replay the accident in your mind and decide what you should do next. One of the first things that may cross your mind is whether or not you should call a car accident attorney.

Back fifty years ago, when your parents were driving and got into an accident, it was more likely than not that they would settle their claim with their insurance carrier. There were no television commercials from personal injury attorneys informing you of your rights after an accident and giving you good reasons how they could help you in your time of need. Today, people are much more aware of their option to call a car accident attorney to help them receive a fair and reasonable settlement for their injuries and related financial losses.

It is safe to assume that you will benefit by having legal representation after you have been in a serious car accident. While you could try to handle the situation on your own, statistics show that in a personal injury case, your settlement can be two or three times as much when you have a lawyer as opposed to when you go it alone. So why would you not hire a car accident lawyer?

Primary among all reasons why an individual might decline to hire a car accident attorney is that they believe that it will be too expensive. Most people do not have experience dealing with insurance companies and really do not know if the offer they receive to settle a claim is fair or not. If you do not have an attorney on your side, it may cost you a lot more than the attorney's fees because your settlement check will be much lower than it could be.

Your car accident lawyer works on a contingency fee basis. He or she is paid an amount that usually represents 30-35 percent of the settlement. You may think to yourself why should you pay someone else thousands of dollars when you can deal directly with the insurance company. Such thinking is misguided. What you really want is the most money in your pocket after your case is settled.

An example illustrates why hiring a car accident lawyer is really not expensive. Suppose you get into a serious car accident and wind up in the hospital for two weeks. Without an attorney, you might settle for $10,000 in cash and have your out-of-pocket medical bills covered for the next three months. With a good car accident attorney, you might receive a settlement of $50,000 and have your out-of-pocket medical bills covered for two years. After paying your attorney his or her $15,000 fee, you walk away with $35,000 in cash and better coverage for your future medical expenses related to the accident.

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