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There are a number of different reasons you may need an auto accident lawyer, as a lot of different problems can occur in the event of a car crash. Many different parts of your life or someone else's life can be seriously damaged and because of this, certain actions must happen to rectify everything and everyone involved in the accident to the way it was before crash happened—assuming something like that is even possible. An good attorney can help to do that. Below are a few different instances where you will need the services of an auto accident lawyer, ranging from personal injury to property damage cases that can't be figured out between the two parties involved in the collision.

Property Damage

Say you have a car accident by losing control of the car, jumping the curb and crashing into the front of someone's house. This is a serious property damage case, that you will need an attorney to help figure out. The party whose house has been partially destroyed will undoubtedly sue and your attorney will need to help mitigate their claim of damages. In cases where your car has been hit by another car and your property has been destroyed or seriously damaged, your attorney will make sure the guilty party pays, or their insurance company pays. You should also be provided with a rental car to drive, assuming you have a good auto accident lawyer, while your old car is being repaired or you are waiting for the money to come in for a new car. These little perks make having an attorney in this situation more than worth it.

Injury Cases

Any auto accident that involves any type of real injury that requires medical bills means you should probably invest in the services of an auto accident lawyer, especially when it seems like the insurance company or other party will not pay for your bills. Minor injuries, or those that are less than a thousand dollars, will be easier to negotiate and less of a strain on your daily life if you don't win the case. However, serious injuries due to auto accidents can cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, so a lawyer will definitely be needed to ensure you get your medical bills paid for. On the flip side, if you are in an auto accident that is partially your fault, you will need an auto accident lawyer to suss out what you owe and what your insurance or their other party's insurance should cover.

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