Texting And Cellphone Accidents

Texting and cellphone accidents have become the leading cause of auto accident deaths in the last ten years. Distracted driving used to be playing with CD’s and the radio, putting on make-up or fishing through stuff on the front seat or floor while driving. Now, all of those causes of accidents have taken a back seat to texting and cellphone accidents.

Teens and young adults are the group at highest risk of these types of accidents because they are the group that text and answer their cellphones most often while driving. When these accidents first happened and an auto accident lawyer was hired for these teens, they got slaps on the wrists for killing people. The nation was stunned that vehicular manslaughter due to texting and cellphones got less of a punishment than drunk driving even though drunk driving is only impaired driving and texting and cellphones are completely distracted driving. The difference was pointed out by M.A.D.D. moms that ten seconds of eyes off the road and concentration off driving is far worse than driving drunk. At least driving drunk, they argued, the driver is trying to keep their eyes and focus on the road. Texting and cellphone use while driving is like falling asleep at the wheel and waking up just in time to hit something or somebody.

Cellphone use and texting can’t be proven in an accident case unless the cellphone records are subpoenaed. Only an auto accident lawyer can do that and prove the accident that killed a loved one was caused by this type of negligent and distracted driving. New laws have made punishments for this crime more severe, and compensation for a loss of human life much higher than before. None of that can be accomplished without an attorney.

The teen or young adult responsible can deny otherwise that his or her cellphone was even involved with the accident. Since the lawyer defending him or her does not have to reveal that fact in a case and can circumvent it in a trial, having a lawyer involved on the opposite side of the fence is really important. Family members who try to prove that the accident was the result of negligence and don’t have a lawyer’s help may be stunned to find that their loved one’s killer will get off easy.

Many states now have laws that allow officers to pull over and fine drivers they see on their phones or texting. While this has decreased the number of texting and cellphone accidents, they haven’t stopped.

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