Accidents Caused By Dangerous Roadways

There are some bad roads you just can’t avoid. They have ruts, bumps debris and potholes. But it’s the best way for you to get to work on time. While driving behind a construction that vehicle is carrying debris, a bump in the road causes some of the debris to fall out as you try to swerve out of the way.

Unfortunately, a car coming up behind you doesn’t know this section of the road is a “no passing” zone because the solid yellow line had faded. The driver tries to pass your vehicle and the truck as you can’t swerve anywhere. The debris strikes your windshield as you go careening off the side of the road and down the embankment until your car hits a tree.

Such accidents on the road happen all the time. The only problem is trying to decide who is at fault. Obviously if the road had been properly maintained then the construction vehicle would not have hit the bump, causing the debris to fall out of the truck. If the yellow lines were visible on the road, the driver behind you would not have tried to pass any vehicles, allowing you to swerve out of the way. In addition, if the road had the extra safety precautions of a guardrail, your car would have never left the road to hit the tree at the bottom of the embankment.

When trying to decide who is at fault for dangerous road conditions, it’s advisable to seek a qualified auto injury lawyer. The auto injury lawyer will return to the scene of the accident, examining all the facts and taking notes of the conditions of the road so you can seek compensation from the people who are at fault.

Don’t just assume that nobody is at fault. Every road, highway and interstate is required to be properly maintained, have the appropriate signs to guide drivers, and needs to have barriers and markings. When a road doesn’t have any of the above safety features, accidents happen as those people who are in charge of these roadways were negligent in their duties.

Become compensated for the damage to your vehicle, the medical bills you have to pay and the days off you must take from work due to your pain and suffering. Talk with an auto injury lawyer today who can review your circumstances and discuss your available options so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case. Get the compensation you need while holding those people who caused your accident accountable for their actions.

If You Have Been In an Auto Accident – Contact Your Personal Injury Attorney.

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