How to Make a Claim for a Car Injury

Car accidents result in damage to your vehicle and various types of bodily injury. If you have comprehensive auto insurance coverage, damages to your vehicle will be covered. A portion of the your medical bills will also be covered if the policy is designed to do so. Some injuries are more extensive and can dramatically affect how you are able to live your life. To file a claim to receive compensation for a car injury several things must happen.

*You Must Have A Case – You need to know the criteria needed for filing a car injury claim. In most cases, this means you were involved in an accident and received bodily injuries through no fault of your own. Medical injuries that keep you from performing your normal activities or fulfilling the obligations associated with your employment can be used to gain compensation from the at fault driver’s insurance.

*Obtain a Qualified Attorney – Filing a personal injury claim on your own can be risky. Hiring a qualified attorney is the best way to receive the compensation you deserve for the injuries you received. The attorney will know the right questions to ask to get you an appropriate settlement. An attorney will also work to make sure your rights are protected as well, especially if it is determined you can no longer be gainfully employed.

*Have As Much Information As Possible – After an accident, motorists trade personal information and many ask to receive a copy of the police report regarding the accident and its circumstances. When you are preparing to file a claim, your attorney may have to contact the insurance companies involved to get up to date reports about the accident. Any law enforcement agency that investigated the accident should also be contacted in an attempt to get any new information they may have.

*Have All of Your Medical Information – Your medical information will be needed to build an effective personal injury case. The original prognosis made by the physician in charge of your medial care will be what sets the foundation for your case. The type of injuries received, possible time needed for healing and the type of ongoing care that may be needed to ensure your full recovery must be included for you to receive the full benefit of car injury claim.

*File Your Claim with the Court – Your attorney will determine if you have enough information to make a viable personal injury case. After all of the police reports, witness statements and medical information has been collected and reviewed, your attorney can build his case. When everything is complete, the attorney will file your case with the local courts. Once the case has been filed, it will be up to the judicial process to determine the validity of your claims and award you the compensation you deserve.

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