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What is The Average Auto Injury Settlement

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact figure as being the “average” settlement amount because there are so many variable factors.

The Auto Injury Lawyer must consider a number of conditions pertaining to the client before being able to amply demand a justified amount of settlement. These conditions then weigh in when an amount is being negotiated. For example, someone who suffers a broken leg will likely end up with a higher settlement than someone who has cuts and bruises. There are more medical treatments, physician visits, medical supplies needed (crutches, etc.), more prescriptions and mainly, more expenses in general according to the severity of the injury.

Most people think of a settlement in the average range to be about $25,000.00 and that does not represent the most severe or the least severe of cases, since the settlement amount can vary either way.

An Auto Injury Attorney is your best guide as to what kind of settlement you can expect. However, you enter some dangerous territory when trying to predict that kind of amount because settlements are just too unpredictable.

For example, some insurance companies are very easy to work with and will agree on a settlement that everyone is happy with. More often than not, it is the Auto Injury Attorney who has to stick to his guns in getting a good settlement for his client. He can face having to work with insurance adjusters who are unwilling to agree to a fair settlement. At that point, the Auto Injury Attorney has to spend more time writing letters, accepting phone calls and just generally “staying in your corner” in order to complete the deal.

Other times, the Auto Injury Attorney may face an insurance company who refuses to agree on the worth of the client’s injuries. The company may have to be “swayed” into thinking that what they are willing to pay and what the severity of the injury demands are too far apart, and that sets up a long and hard fought fight on both sides.

The role of the Auto Injury Attorney is to protect your interests and get the best settlement amount for you. After all, the attorney is directly involved in this matter since a percentage of the settlement will go to the firm.

Things seem to work out for the best when the Auto Injury Attorney and the insurance company are able to work together. This way, compromise on both sides is more readily accepted and the client ends up the best settlement possible.

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