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Why Do I Need An Auto Injury Lawyer

There are many valid reasons for obtaining an auto injury lawyer. The most important one is probable negligence on the part of the other vehicle driver or drivers involved in the accident. In this case, where fault was found with the driver(s)'s attention to the road, i.e., distracted driving, it's necessary to have a lawyer on your side. Insurance companies, yours or theirs, might argue that it's no one's or everyone's fault and not cover all of the damages. The other problem is that the other driver or drivers might be under insured, in which case you're in the same boat of not getting the compensation you should to cover all the damages.

If that wasn't enough, injuries you incurred because of the accident which are or may effect you long term aren't always covered and paid for as well. Because auto insurance companies like to push the injuries off onto your health insurance company for payment they may argue that your cracked ribs were a result of a work-related injury if they can prove it. Not all auto insurance agencies are that devious, but you do need an auto injury lawyer to cover your back just in case. At least an auto injury lawyer can legally verify that the injuries you incurred were due to an auto accident and not the result of something else.

The lawyer can also get information compiled that shows the amount of wages lost due to the injuries from the accident, and try to recoup those as well. If the injuries were life threatening and you were in a hospital bed for more than two weeks, this is also proof for your case against the driver(s) and/or insurance agencies. Often just signing on the dotted line to get a check may result in significant monetary loss because insurance companies will expect their deductibles up front before they even cut a check for the accident! If you we're unconscious for any amount of that time, then the matter doesn't even begin to get resolved until you are alert and clear enough to review the claim documents. If you are fortunate to have a spouse or life partner who can legally start the case for you until you have recovered somewhat, then your case with an attorney's help will be underway and on the right path by then.

Trying to work such cases out on your own, is not recommended. Everyone will come to court with their attorney and you should too.

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